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Visit to Connecticut for Fallyn's Bridal Shower

Paul's niece Fallyn is getting married, and Laura held a shower for her (March 23, 2013).

Bride bag

Paul dropped Mom & me off, but of course didn't stay.  But it did give him the opportunity to say hello to the Bride To Be.

Fallyn and Paul

After he left, the guests continued to arrive.  Here is a slightly out of focus but still picture of Jenn (a long time friend of Fallyn's), Fallyn, and Laura.

Jen, Fallyn, Paul

There was more than enough food! 

food on the table

Here is a picture from before things got going of Pat's grandmother & sister.

Gram Sheey and sis

Here are Kristen, Tiffany, and Jenn while we were working on a shower game:

Kristen, Tiff, Jenn

Two of the game winners were Gram (aka Mom to us) and Pat, a former co-worker of Fallyn.  Laura had prizes ready for them.  Colleen (a long time family friend) was actually the highest scorer, but since she had helped put together the prizes she declined taking one.

Mom, Pat, Colleen

Next was of course the gift opening. 

Sue with Fallyn opening a gift

Fallyn with part of Debi's gift:

Fallyn opening gift from Debi

One gift decoration was actually part of the gift:  a sign for Fallyn & Pat's room:

Do Not Disturb sign

Tiff, Gram, Sue (Fallyn's father's girlfriend):

Tiff, Gram, Sue

Fallyn opening our gift card:

Fallyn opening gift

Two gifts were deemed as actually being for Pat, not Fallyn: a nightgown (if you want to call it that) and a Home Depot gift card!

nightgown and Home Depot

That pretty bag back in the first picture on this page?  It was for signing by the guests as well.

bag with writing

A nice picture of Fallyn's grandmothers:

Mom and Ellen

Paul and I spent the night at Mom's house.  The following morning, which was bright and sunny (even if rather cool), Paul did a few things around the house for her before we left.  Here we are in the morning.



Anne and Paul

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