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Boothbay Harbor 2017

We are back on-line!  Anne had misplaced the password, but figured she had better dig it up, dust off the pictures, and get going with this website update!  And here we are. 


We had another fabulous vacation to Boothbay Harbor in 2017.  Topside Inn was as lovely as ever.  Breakfasts were delicious.  Here are some of the breakfasts that Mark & Buzz made for the inn guests (in addition to the fruit, bread, granola & yogurt, ....):

Waffles with Banana Foster

Carrot pancakes with maple syrup, and vegan sausage (which is particularly good with the maple syrup)

Eggs Benedict with roasted tomato, garnished with asparagus spears:

And Anne's favorite, gnocchi with mushrooms and sunny-side-up egg:

Some mornings before breakfast we went down to the harbor, as well as some evenings.  Here is the morning fog:

And the evening version:

The sculpture garden has a sculpture ofPenelope Looking Out to Sea - it is appropriately situated looking towards the entrance of the harbor.  We shared a smaller picture of this statue with you last year.  ("Penelope" by artist Dick Alden)

The gulls kept us company.  While they wouldn't pose for us, quick attention did get some nice pictures:

We saw the Newfoundland, McKay, again!  The owner (manager of Squirrel Island) told us she is 11 years old.

Matt had some business in the area one evening, and met us for supper atMcSeagull's.  We all walked over to the foot bridge, and took a picture in roughly the same spot as a picture of Mom and Gerry from a number of years ago.


Paul and Anne went to theBotanical Gardens again.  Check out this adorable fence that they have as part of the Children's Garden:

It rained a little while we were there, hence Anne's raincoat in this picture:


This picture is specifically for Uncle Tony:

Back at the inn, here is an evening view.  Our room was the 2nd floor left in this photograph.

We had views to the left of us, and views to the right of us (and straight ahead, for that matter).

panoramic view:




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