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Rock Village Website banner picture, a rocky area with cairns

New York Finger Lakes

Finally, our trip report! This is a tough job. We took a lot of pictures, & it is difficult to decide which ones to share. I expect to go overboard but I'll try to tame myself.

The best place to start the report is probably where our vacation started - at the bed and breakfast. We selected Sunset on Seneca Bed and Breakfast (closed since then). They seemed to have the best location for what we wanted - going to the various parks and waterfalls, plus visiting some vineyards. Plus they have wifi & a desk for our laptop. Indeed, after having been there we still feel it was the best choice for us! Inn keepers Donna and Frank were gracious hosts. Frank is a retired pilot originally from this area. Donna is not a native of the area, but she made it her successful mission to learn about the area so she could share information with their guests.

We stayed in "The White Room", which are the windows in the upper right corner of the inn.

When staying at the inn, there is a spacious library area upstairs, and living room area downstairs - which is where Anne is in this next picture, checking out restaurant menus Frank & Donna provided. The area is very veggie conscious. And we highly recommend the new Chinese restaurant downtown, Hibachi Orient Buffet (ignore the buffet & order off the menu).

The peaceful view from the dock:

With the vineyards in the area, wine bottles are of course very common. They had a plant-style stand with decorated bottles. Here are a few examples.

Speaking of restaurants, here is a picture of one that we didn't eat at but that has a great name.

Paul has been working on his portrait photography a bit. Here are a series of pictures he took of Anne, using late day sun. (Untouched; maybe I should photoshop some of those wrinkles away... although soft light is a huge help.)


Updated July 2020