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2015 Camping

Early Autumn is our favorite time to go camping.  The White Mountain area is a current favorite area to go camping.  So September found us there again, at Dolly Copp campground.  We put up the tarp and set up the tent.

Our big hike this year was a combo, up Mount Adams and then over to Mount Madison.  This is a very nice (although strenuous) hike.  Here we each are on the ascent by the famous (and informative) "Turn back now if the weather is bad" sign.

The Airline trail up Mt Adams is a lovely trail with spectacular views.  Here is a collage of 3 pictures that we took on the way up:

A view back down the trail:

Closer to the peak, the terrain changes a bit.

and the last section is a bit of a bother.  We need to put our poles away next time, I think.  Or skip the peak.  :)  

We had lunch at the top of Mount Adams, and had a nice view of Mt Washington. 


Here is a view towards Wildcat (3 pics stitched together)

And yes, it really did look like that, blue mountains in the distance!  Our trail next took us down to Madison Spring Hut, one of AMC's huts, and then up the peak on the other side to the top of Mount Madison. 

Paul did a video from the top of Mount Madison

If you see a sign for the Watson Path on the top of Madison, turn the other way.  This trail just wasn't that fun.  Other trails are much nicer.  I don't seem to have any pictures of our other hike for this trip, 19-Mile Brook Trail.  That is a great, woodsy trail. 

We drove to Crawford Notch.  This is at the visitor's center there.  In the distance is Mount Willard, a nice little hike (rated moderate) that we did in 2013

And a pretty view of the Mount Washington Hotel.

Updated July 2020