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Around Home (2022)

We have a few small photo albums to share with you from around the house. Click on the photographs below to access the photo album. If you don't see commentary, click on the 'i' (for information) in the upper right corner of a photograph.

First up is a link to an album with a few pictures to make you hungry of Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina with our homemade gnocchi. It was delicious.

Link to gnocchi album

Paul did a couple utilitarian wood projects for us: a stand for Anne's new Kindle (her 1st one ever!) plus a riser for his monitors.

Link to wood project album

Paul has been doing other wood projects, including making an art piece that Anne wanted. He titled it Risosceles.

Link to Risosceles album

And lastly for this page are some pictures of our new stove. It has an induction stovetop. After using this for a while, we can say that we are thrilled with it and would be loath to go back to any other type (gas or electric).

Link to stove album

Updated September 2022