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Around the house & Massachusetts

Since we take some pictures on our cell phones, we have used Google Photo Albums for these.  Rather than transfer those to the site at this time, I will link to those albums.


We went to a Red Sox game at Fenway in May, with our neighbors Bill & Nancy.  Bill really knows the Red Sox, so it was fun being there with him.  And our seats had a great view of the park. 

Album from the game with comments on the pictures by Paul


Homemade Pasta with artichoke.  Yes, it was very good.  :) 

After you look at the links below (from March) you will realize why we had to do some burning of dead wood.   There is still a lot of green wood that came down, which we will likely burn next winter during the burning season. 

burning pictures


March 2018 was particularly rough, weather-wise, in our area.  A lot of trees were lost.  This includes around our house.  Here are 2 albums on the results of the March storm.  Paul has added commentary to the pictures.

Link 1 - tree damage

Link 2 - clean-up

Updated July 2020