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Projects around the house, 2020

Paul has been busy around the house! We have made Google photo albums, and will link to those from this page. The pictures below will lead you to the full albums if you click on them. If you don't see descriptions next to the pictures, click on the 'i' in the upper left corner to display more information.

Desk drawer

Technically this one was last year, but that is close enough. Paul made a drawer for under his desk in 2018, and then spent the next 6 months trying to convince Anne that it would be useful for her as well. She finally realized it would be, so Paul created a custom drawer for her desk. It is, indeed, useful.

Click here to the Paul's 2018 desk album, 6 photographs.

Click here to see the album with Anne's desk drawer, 6 photographs.

Link to desk drawer photo album


Since we got the solar roof, we have been very aware of our power usage. We knew the old 1994-vintage refrigerator was guzzling electricity. So we bought a new one. This required Paul to modify the cabinet above the fridge. But we have saved over 2 kWh per day with the new refrigerator. Definitely worth it for us.

Refrigerator album, 3 photographs

link to refrigerator photo album

Pasta Board

Paul makes pasta for us. (Anne says "Best manicotti, ever!") He has delved into this more this year. Pasta should dry before being put away, and requires space for this. So Paul made a pasta board.

You can check out our separate page on the pastas and you will see some pictures of the board in use.

Pasta board album, 2 photographs

link to pasta board photo album

Picture Frame

Anne has a framed print that she likes, and she loves the simple streamlined frame it is in. So of course she asked Paul to make her that style of frame. This is his test version. It came out very nicely!

Picture frame album, 4 photographs

link to picture frame photo album

New Faucet & Sink

Our kitchen faucet had a slow leak from the base of the faucet. There is a bit of a story to the process of replacing it, which is told in the information next to the album pictures.

Faucet Album, 6 photographs

link to faucet photo album

Kitchen fold-down drawer

One thing leads to another in home projects. With the new sink, we discovered that the little fold-down drawer couldn't close. Anne was resigned to not having a drawer there, but Paul thought otherwise.

Sink Drawer Album, 6 photographs

link to drawer photo album

As a slight side track, Anne has been making face masks. You can read about that in her review if you are interested in how to make one.

Updated August 2020