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Around the House 2019

We had a busy year around the house.  We will start this page at the end of the year, with a few pictures taken after a 5" snowfall in December.

These are the new grasses that we planted in the oval garden, which was formerly our shade garden.  These went in the center, around where the maple tree used to be. 


Snow on the new grasses in front of the house

Another look at the grasses:

Snow on the new grasses in front of the house

One of our bird baths, rimmed with snow:

bird feeder in the snow

These are wild raspberry bushes on the side of the house:

wild raspberry bushes with snow

A look into the woods.  I saturated this picture to show the green in the woods contrasted with the snow on the front tree branches:

The woods next to the house, saturated

And the edge of the front lawn:

The front yard with snow

Tesla Solar Roof

What kept us busy was getting a new roof.  Not just any roof, but a Tesla solar roof.  This next photo is of the (almost) completed project.  (It is "almost" because the drop line needs to get moved and then the last section of gutter downspout can be placed.) 

House with new roof

Click here to get a Google Photos album that shows the install start to finish. 

And click here to see treats that I made for the workers.

Updated July 2020