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Boothbay Harbor 2016

Just to warn you in advance ... this is one of the long trip reports.  Of course, you can tell that by looking at the pages linked above on the right. 

We were a little concerned that it wouldn't work out this year, since various things kept getting in the way, but we were able to do a repeat visit to Boothbay Harbor and Topside Inn.  You might remember the pictures from last year's visit

The view from the inn includes both the Burnt Island Lighthouse (on the right) and Cuckolds Lighthouse  (on the island towards the left).

Last year we neglected to take any pictures of the breakfasts.  So this year we brought a camera down to breakfast with us.  The pictures are just hand-held snapshots, but they still are making Anne hungry as she writes this!  Every day they had a breakfast bar set up.  This included homemade granola, yogurt, fruit cup, and either baked items or gourmet devilled eggs.  (There were a few other items also; those are the ones we ate.)  But the 'served dish' is the star. 

Grits with Creole sauce and a sunny-side-up egg, accompanied by vegan sausage they make right there at the inn.

Sweet potato waffles topped with whipped cream, accompanied by the vegan sausage.  (Meat eaters got some other side; we forget what.  Their loss.)

We actually had this on 2 mornings.

Eggs benedict with potato-fennel hash.  Generally speaking, we aren't crazy about sunny-side-up eggs.  But I think that is because we don't accompany them with the proper items, since they complimented the breakfasts here very nicely. 

Banana Granola Pancakes with Caramel Buttermilk Syrup, and vegan sausage. 

Grilled Gnocchi with sautéed mushrooms and a sunny-side-up egg.

Mushroom and Spinach Omelet with hash-browns (made with no onions for us).

Sorry for making all of you hungry. 

If you recall from way back above the breakfast pictures, two lighthouses can be seen from the inn.  Paul took a dusk picture where you can see 4 lights at once.  Just left of center is a floating buoy light, then Cuckolds, Burnt Island, and finally another floating buoy light. 

The moon.

By using a long exposure, photographs can be captured even with little light. 


On the 1st floor left is the dining area, then moving right in the picture is a den area with a gas fireplace.  Immediately above that, on the second floor, is our room.

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