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Page 7: Corning Museum of Glass

In addition to the wineries and the waterfalls, there are some museums in the area. We only went to one of these, the Corning Museum of Glass. The museum is well done, and we easily spent 5 hours there. We saw some of their demonstrations but we did not try making our own glass.

We started with a special exhibit of a glass artist Toots Zynsky. They had interesting film on her process, which uses many rods of glass.

Then there was a section with modern glass art. We liked this luminescent Red Pyramid. I couldn't resist mimicking some of the modern paintings we have seen, although I like my photo better, with it's glow.

Another somewhat abstract picture:

This evening dress statue was lovely.

One of the signs in the museum depicts glass blowing.

The examples of glass work range from antiquity to yesterday. This bowl is from Rome around 30 B.C., but would be just as at home in a modern house.

Probably the single most beautiful item in the collection is a plaque by George Woodall, from 1884, called "Origin of Painting". You really have to see it in person to appreciate how lovely it is.

This "Plate with Sleeping Cat" will appeal to at least some in the family.

These glasses show the progress from plain to etched and polished.

The last thing I'll show you from the museum are these wonderful octopi, created for educational use back in the 1800s.


Updated July 2020