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2013 New Hampshire Vacation, Continued

Continued from .  More views from the room: Here is an expansive view on a clear day:

And during a snowfall:

On the other side of the field you see in the above pictures is another field.  And on the other side of THAT field (and a few trees) is the Saco River.  We decided to go traipsing through the field one afternoon. 

Looking back at the inn; our room is the 1st floor from the fireplace chimney and over to the right.  You can see the sliding door that we looked through to Mt Washington.

Pictures taken along the way:

Standing in the river bed:

Looking upstream on the Saco River at Humphrey's Ledge

Looking downstream on the Saco River at Cathedral Ledge:

At the end of the day, relaxing after all that walking:

Some of the decorations in the B&B prompted us to ask about college affiliations.  It turns out Rod had gone to Bowdoin for undergraduate studies (where Anne's brother went), and The University of Maine at Orono for graduate school (where Anne went).

Anne got to preview her Alumni magazine before she even got home! In addition to the shared interests in sewing and art, we have yet another shared interest: hiking.  Rod has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, both in sections and on a through-hike.  That is a lot more than we have done, and he was kind enough to share some slides he took from various spots along the trail.  He started a fire for us (as he did every night), set up the projector and screen, and the 4 of us (Susan, Rod, Paul, and Anne) spent a pleasant time looking at the slides and asking questions about the experience.


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