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2013 New Hampshire Vacation, pg 4

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When we go camping up in NH, we stay at Dolly Copp in the Pinkham Notch area.  One of the nice attractions in that area is Glen Ellis Falls.  It was a bit of a wet and windy day when we were there, so we couldn't get a proper picture of the primary fall (see bottom of 2007 Pg 2), but did get some of the area.

The park provides look-out points.

and steps up to look-out points:

Glen Ellis Falls is right next to Wild Cat.  This is a picture of the beginning of the Wild Cat hike; if you look carefully you can see, on the large rock near the center top, a person (or two?) who is doing the hike. The trail itself does switchbacks up the steep slope, from rock outcrop to rock outcrop. This affords hikers marvelous views back towards the Presidential Range.

We went up Pinkham Notch in a couple different weather conditions.  One was a sunny day, when we were able to inspect the SnowCoach.  Those treads are BIG.  It will navigate the Mount Washington Auto Road in the winter.

Looking west from there is Mount Adams (on the left) and Mount Madison (on the right).  Dolly Copp, the campground we usually stay at, would be to the right outside of the picture.

On a different day, it was snowy with a very low snow cover.  This gave some rather dramatic views.


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